Soulink Consulting | Yönetim ve Sistem Danışmanlığı | Management and Systemic Consultancy.
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We help organizations, teams, and their leaders:

get a clear understanding of their goals, current situation, and relationship dynamics

create their own future ideals, and recognize their values, obstacles and resources;

put in place short-term prototype plans that will start the transformation towards the future ideal and follow up its effects;

create an environment where the distance covered is assessed, practices that work and that don’t are distinguished, and progress is celebrated.


In addition to our Systems Coaching Programs, such as “CollabDay” and “Collaborative Leadership Program”, which support intra-organizational collaboration and alignment, we also design entirely tailor-made team coaching and training programs.


We help individuals identify the current situation of work, family and health, as well as their future ideals, and develop the mindset and behaviors they need on the path to realizing their visions.


Through our public and free CollabDay workshops, we create an environment for many stakeholders from different segments of society ranging from the civil society, academia and corporate employees to entrepreneurs to draw inspiration from one another and collaborate on any issue they care about.